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Papaya Playa Project

1 hour 31 minutes from airport
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A lively eco-resort with rustic charm, wellness activities, and late night parties, Tulum’s Papaya Playa Project caters well to couples and singles seeking a social yet off-the-grid vacation. Technically, it’s only a 3-star hotel (this has a negative effect on the Overall Beach Resort Rating), only oceanfront suites have air conditioning, amenities such as a main swimming pool and fitness center are lacking, and the communal atmosphere (shared bathrooms, etc.) may not be for everyone; but the property offers a pristine and natural-feeling white-sand beach, an excellent beachfront restaurant with a locally sourced menu and a double-decker bar, resident and guest DJs on the weekends, well-known “Full Moon Parties” monthly, an organic juice bar, casitas and cabanas with private porches and plunge pools, quality overall service, and sustainable and environmentally-friendly practices. The resort also offers unique wellness activities and oceanfront spa treatments that use organic and natural local ingredients such as pineapple, coconut, honey, aloe, and a special Mayan clay. Interiors are designed with local traditional materials, including textiles from various Mexican regions. Activities include quality Vinyasa yoga classes, tai chi, meditation, kite surfing lessons, Temazcal steam rituals, snorkeling and scuba diving tours (including cenote dives), and fishing excursions. Most of the resort is on par with exclusive properties in the upper A range; the 3-star standard hotel rating and lack of a main swimming pool are the factors that downgrade it to the lower A range. PPP is a great overall choice, as long as its lack of a few modern comforts and amenities aren’t minded.

On-site COVID-19 testing is available for a fee prior to departure. Results are available within 24 hours.

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