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NIZUC Resort & Spa

11 minutes from airport
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A modern, tranquil, Mayan-inspired resort that opened in 2013, NIZUC caters to both couples and families (especially couples) with top-quality rooms, grounds, amenities, and service, and six impeccable restaurants. It receives very high marks in just about every category. The beach, however, is smaller and less impressive than most in Cancun (this factor downgrades the Overall Beach Resort Rating from Aaa to Aa1); the beachfront is private and quiet, though, with a more secluded feel and calmer water for swimming than others in the Cancun region. The fitness center itself is somewhat underwhelming for a resort of this caliber (though the variety of fitness classes, including Tabata and Zumba, partially make up for it), airplane noise is occasionally noticeable due to the property’s airport proximity, and Cancun’s nightlife and other attractions are relatively far; but the resort offers an exceptional spa by ESPA (arguably the best in Cancun) with Mayan-inspired treatments and top-notch hydrotherapy, a superior kids club, adults-only areas, beautiful infinity pools with sweeping panoramic views, and pacifying common areas with fire and water elements. Accommodations boast high-end features such as private plunge pools, tropical gardens, spacious terraces, outdoor showers, floor-to-ceiling windows, and free-standing soaking tubs; many have outstanding views and all have stylish stone and wood accents with a rustic chic vibe and state-of-the-art architecture and technology. Activities include snorkeling, kayaking, paddleboarding, yoga classes, paddleboard yoga (highly unique), private dinners on the beach, yacht excursions, cigar rolling, sushi making classes, live jazz, and more.

Departure COVID-19 testing is available on-site, but it is not complimentary. Antigen tests cost $100 USD per person and PCR tests cost $150 per person.

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