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Melia Puerto Vallarta

5 minutes from airport
All Inclusive
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Within walking distance of Marina Vallarta (where there’s a plethora of shops, restaurants, and water sports), this Melia property has a great selection of activities; it’s a solid all-inclusive option for the price, especially for families. Airplane noise can be noticeable, the spa and fitness facilities are dated, and the beach is small and subpar (and a little rocky; the quality of the beach has a strong negative effect on the Overall Beach Resort Rating, downgrading it from the upper B range to the lower B range); but the resort offers unique on-site activities (mini golf, archery, dance classes, and rock climbing to name a few), beach volleyball (on a somewhat lackluster court), multiple kids clubs to cater to different ages (from a babysitting service for toddlers four months to four years old to separate clubs for kids and teens), balconies in all rooms, live shows at night, a nice pool and swim-up bar, and a hard-to-beat location for those looking for things to do off-site. There’s also a weekly on-site artisanal market featuring local Puerto Vallarta artists and craftsmen, which is highly unique. Some rooms have kid-friendly bunk beds and some have outdoor jacuzzis. Water sports at Marina Vallarta just across the street include deep sea fishing, sailing, whale watching, and scuba diving, among others.

Complimentary COVID-19 antigen tests are offered to guests returning to the United States that stay a minimum of three nights. In the event of a positive test, affected guests can extend their stay up to 15 days at no extra charge.

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