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Puerto Aventuras

Heaven at Hard Rock Hotel Riviera Maya

1 hour 5 minutes from airport
All Inclusive
Adults Only
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The adults-only section of the Hard Rock Hotel Riviera Maya in Puerto Aventuras, “Heaven” caters well to couples and singles. Compared to the kid-friendly Hacienda section (also rated A2), the Heaven section’s rooms are slightly better (mostly, however, due to the higher-end room options). It’s also a little quieter (but still quite rowdy, especially at certain times of year). The beach here is manmade; while it’s protected from the open ocean and has a calm cove that’s safe for swimming, its lack of a natural feel has a negative effect on the Overall Beach Resort Rating. However, the property offers excellent live entertainment and on-site nightlife, rock music-themed décor and memorabilia in the rooms and common areas, great food for an all-inclusive with strong restaurant variety (there are five restaurants in the Hacienda section and four in the Heaven section; all Heaven restaurants are adults-only except for Toro, the steakhouse), an excellent swimming pool area with a waterslide, a water park (“Rockaway Bay”) with a variety of impressive waterslides, an outstanding fitness center in Body Rock, and jacuzzi tubs and balconies in all rooms. The facilities are clean and well-maintained, and the overall service is professional and high-quality. Other amenities include a beautiful golf course, tennis courts, bicycles, kayaks, Fender guitars for rent, and a climbing wall. In addition to its 75 treatment rooms, The Rock Spa boasts steam rooms, hydrotherapy current pools, and personal spa butlers; the Yoga Temple offers various genres of unique yoga classes as well. Excursions with activities such as snorkeling and jet skiing are available.

Complimentary COVID-19 antigen tests are available on-site for guests traveling back to the United States (up to two tests per room, minimum three-night stay required). Additional tests can be purchased for $50 USD each.

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